Apr 25 2013

American Violence — An Astrological Perspective

When tragedies occur, our collective soul cries out for answers. The last year has been filled with senseless violence, from the Aurora cinema shootings to Newtown, CT’s classrooms, to this last week’s Boston Marathon. Although little can truly explain the complexities of what is occurring in this madness, an astrological perspective may lend helpful insights.

With the Uranus-Pluto square, a 6 year long wave of upheaval, revolution, and surprise violence is upon us from 2010-2016. Uranus electrifies and stimulates the cavernous Plutonian unconscious, while the Pluto shadows empower the force of chaotic anxiety and narcissistic wildfire, unleashing a potent combination of dark forces that can unpredictably rattle the collective psyche.

Historically, this cycle correlates to some of the most violent periods in history, including the horrifying violence of the French and American Revolutions, the reign of terror with the rise of madmen dictators such as Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini in the early 30’s, and the Vietnam war, coupled with the many assassinations of the 1960’s.

We must also remember that Pluto—the archetypal force of criminal, underworld, destructive energy was discovered in 1930, during the last Uranus-Pluto square. This was when the atomic bomb was created, ushering in the frightening awareness of our ability to instantly destroy ourselves. Now, increasingly in the Aquarian Age, and even more rapidly under this current Uranus-Pluto square, technology is allowing not only the easier dissemination of information and material for bomb-building, but also the ability to manufacture weapons more efficiently, such as with 3D-printed guns.

With Neptune in Pisces this decade, the individual self can be swept along into grandiose visions of messianic complexes, self-sacrificial kamikaze missions fueled by religious fervor, drug induced intoxication, and the urge for infamy through media exposure.  The unstable individual loses any anchor or center and like tidal tsunamis, is washed away into the fantasies of insanity.

Ironically, the technology that increasingly allows the individual to more easily create weapons of mass destruction can also be used by law enforcement, as was implemented in Boston with the use of the infrared police helicopter. The madness that can ensue under the shadow of Neptune in Pisces can, in a spirituated consciousness, unite people in outpourings of empathy, compassion, and increased psychic sensitivity, where the best of humanity transcends together in the ugly face of the worst.  Each of these victims is a martyr and savior-heroes erupt out of the violent womb of tragedy.


Eclipses, even weeks before and after their exact occurrence, often affect world events, as Mundane astrologers have been studying for centuries. Often, countries, presidents, cities, and weather patterns are affected by the karmic triggers of eclipses.  Thus, I was compelled to study Boston’s birth chart to discover more lessons of this tragic initiation.

One of the challenges of studying the horoscope of a city is to uncover exactly when the city was “born.”  In the case of Boston, the city itself was founded on September 17, 1630 at 10:11am, but the city was incorporated February 23, 1822 with time uncertain. (The preceding time was obtained from astrotheme.com).

In studying the two Boston charts, the incorporation date did not leave many clues as to recent events.  However, the city’s founding chart was incredibly revealing, especially regarding eclipses.

The Lunar Eclipse of April 25th lands on the 5th degree of Scorpio just 2 degrees from Boston’s Saturn, 4 degrees from Neptune, and 10 degrees from the ascendant. Simultaneously, the city is experiencing its Saturn Return, a once-in-thirty-years cycle.  With Saturn at 3 degrees Scorpio, tightly conjunct Neptune and in the 12th house, this tragedy instantly unified the people of Boston.  The city was shut down and went into hiding, with doors closed and locked, as if in a prison state, a poignant symbol of 12th house enclosure and imprisonment.

Neptune’s symbol shined through as the Boston Marathon was a very mediated event, and the early reports of catching suspects and of other possible explosions were deceiving, swirling like Neptunian fog.

Yet, the Saturn forces of authority pronounced themselves with honor and dignity in press conferences as the forces of FBI and police intelligence revered each other for the calculated, disciplined, strategic effort to kill and capture the supposed perpetrators of the heinous Boston tragedy.

Conspiracy websites such as infowars.com also claim that the whole event was a Neptunian charade, a confusing set-up, and a Saturnian test to strip away civil liberties with police state tactics.

Mars, the warrior planet of conflict and battle, often acts as a catalytic trigger for events, and was conjunct Boston’s Chiron, the symbol of collective wounding and healing.

Meanwhile, the Solar Eclipse of May 9th at 19 degrees Taurus is within just 4 degrees of the descendant and 3 degrees of Pluto in the Boston chart.  We have spoken of Pluto as the lord of death, destruction, criminal activity, and the shadowy unconscious, but the Dark Lord is also a source of collective empowerment and penetrating investigation through blending of resources, which was necessary to the capture and discovery of the suspects.  The Descendant is a more slippery symbol, as it could signify the witnessing of the events by the world at large, Americans, or even enemies of the state or city.

Lastly, the 3 degree Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse of May 25th actually triggers the South Node of Boston at 7 degrees of Sagittarius, signifying the possible completion of some kind of karmic cycle for the city.  The symbol could also represent a test of faith, the possibility of religious motivation or involvement in the act, and ultimately some source of inspiration and righteous ethics and law deriving out of this tragedy.

I hope this has been a beacon of celestial light in an otherwise dark time for a country in the midst of trance-formation.

We will speak more about this in our upcoming teleclass. Hope to share with you all there. Details here

May peace be with you.  May the stars shine their blessings upon you.

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