Relocation Astrology and Astrocartography

Astrocartography and Relocation mapping help us honor an emerging Aquarian theme: that we are in fact global citizens, not confined to national identities, nor to the energies of the place we are born. Mother Earth has different attractive vortexes for our soul’s evolution; astrocartography, a form of astrological mapping guides us in how to activate our soul’s work and harmonize with our personal power places.

The fundamental principle of astrocartography is that there are going to be more supportive places for your specific intentions to be realized. Thus, if you are looking to find love, a stable career, a supportive home and community, creative fulfillment, etc., different locations will be more or less beneficial for your pursuits, and can be pinpointed through astrocartography.

For our session together, you come with a 3-4 places or regions you are drawn to and some specific intentions for travel or relocation. If you know you are moving or traveling somewhere, we will visit the influences in that location.  I describe the astrocartography of the places of interest to you, as well as one or two others which jump out at me as powerful vortexes. We work through Skype or phone and I send you JPEGs of the maps that we study.

Together, we explore over 3 sets of energetic influences, including astrocartography, parans, and local space. In the 90 minute reading, I also look at your transits over a place at a given time. I also study your geodetic map, about how you connect to the culture of a place. All of this is done in the context of your natal birth chart, which no online software can reference back to.  

You will also be given an mp3 recording and jpgs of your maps for future study.

To find out more about the tools we will use together, please read the sections below.

I love this wonderful language and I hope to share it with you soon.

Namaste and In Lakech

Reading Length
Birth Info (+ Time, Place)

A Brief Intro

Angles of Influence – Astrocartography

Local Space Lines


Celestial Mapping – Aquarian Linguistics

Geodetic Maps

Transits in Cyclocartography (CCG)

Generation Vagabond: Why We Need Astrocartography

A Tool for the 2010’s: Migration and Navigation – Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces

The Importance of Relocated Charts

Conclusion – Life Review, Life Preview, and Empowered Self-Awareness