Nov 21 2012


In Calcinatio, the individual’s belief systems and defense mechanisms are sacrificed in the purify- ing fire. The ego’s former authority begins to burn away as the soul realizes the material illusions it has embraced.

On the chemical level, calcination is the reduction of the substance by fire, heating it un- til it is reduced to ash. If we were to take an herb, the calcination would be the grinding and roasting of the herb. The evolutionary lesson involved in Calcination is the realization that through the power of fire, we can destroy all things that are not essential.

On a psychological level, the destruction of the fixed patterns in the rational mind threatens all the ego holds dear, and the initiate at this stage often experiences depression, hopelessness, and defeat.

In calcinatio, we begin to shatter the crystallized elements of the personality and the attachments of the self to its limited belief systems. Every resistance surfaces as the ego battles ferociously to defend its role, its mask, its status quo of habitual patterning, to no avail against the onrushing flames of the transforming fires.

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