Oct 13 2012

New Moon Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, Shamanic Artist Tour Update

Ahoy friends, from the exhaustion and exhilaration of the Shamanic Artist tour, East Coast round!   Wow—so much to share at this busy New Moon in Libra.


This newsletter will cover Monday’s New Moon in Libra, some comments and an upcoming telelcass on Saturn’s big move into Scorpio, and a link to an essay about Psychedemia, a monumental event I attended recently on the East Coast and a potent symbol of the explosive consciousness revolution of the Uranus-Pluto square.  In this essay, you’ll learn about some of the latest research in psychedelics and about references for new media related to psychedelic culture.


Next week, I’ll be sending out an essay about another transformational event, Beyond the Bedroom, also highlighting the juicy sexual evolution of the Uranus-Pluto Square.


I’ve also linked some excerpts from my recent talks and performances on the East Coast, Autumn Ascension, in which I discussed the key transits of Fall 2012 and how they connect in to the larger Aquarian Age shift unfolding


Lastly, I know many of us are now planning the biggest ceremonial party of the last 5,120 years with the 12/21/12 Mayan Calendar end date.  Global celebrations are occurring at pyramid and sacred sites around the world, such as the Great Convergence in Egypt, the Rainbow Gathering in Palenque, and the amazing Synthesis Festival in Chichen Itza, where I will be sharing teachings and music.


If you’d like to gaze into your power places for the portal to the New Sun, I’m offering more relocation readings these days to help you get aligned with the Great Alignment of our times. Check the FB link here


New Moon in Libra


As we all process the Great Unfolding, the Wild Rollercoastering of the second exact Uranus-Pluto square, we are being tested through a singular concept: integration, which summarizes our greatest challenge and most rewarding accomplishment at this time.


Under the Libra sun, we tend to be very busy with many social outings, but perhaps we can ask how our relationships can help our integration process.  Can we truly listen to another, without our own agenda, without our distractions, as our friends, lovers, business partners share their heart’s yearnings, the tremendous revelations of this last summer, the excited inspirations for the year’s end?


Saturn in Scorpio


Saturn has forced us to solidify and stabilize our relationships, to choose those in which true growth and maturity are possible.  Now that Saturn has left his duty in Libra, he takes the beloveds down into the depths, the Shaman’s journey betwixt the Under, Middle, and Upperworlds.  For the next 2.5 years, with Saturn in Scorpio, we’ve entered Jedi Times, we’ve entered the era of the alchemist, the season of the shaman.  We can guarantee that we will not like everything we see lurking in the shadows.  We may even want to hide, like little kids excited, but afraid at those first moments on the ride through the Haunted House.


And yet, this is the whole reason Saturn has been reminding us of our values in relationships, and what it truly means to balance up in partnership, to support each other as our shadows contact dance with us.  How will we lift their burdens, unveil the wounded stories, reveal their source, and dive into the alchemical fires of transmutation?


With Saturn in Scorpio, in our relationships, in our work, in our spiritual practice, we are going to learn how to transform the shadow into our power, to take the taboo and hidden and turn it into the exotic heart of tantric eros, to learn how to blend our resources to strengthen ourselves, like warriors in the swamps of the unconscious, building resilience one breakdown, and one breakthrough at a time.


Evolution is now taking precedence, and so we are compelled to destroy all which no longer serves our evolution—relationships, jobs, ideals, fantasies, projections.


To help with this process, I’m offering a very special journey into the depths on October 30th, a teleclass entitled Mastering the Shadow: The Alchemy of Saturn, the Scorpio Eclipse, and the Dark Goddess


We will discuss at length the meaning of Saturn in Scorpio.  We will break down the archetypes of Saturn, Saturn’s return cycle, and Saturn’s role on our path to mastery.

We will explore the various masks of Scorpio, including alchemical stages of growth, power animals to assists us, and archetypes to embody at this time.  In addition, we will focus on the huge Scorpionic initiation of November, preparing for the upcoming Solar Eclipse AND Mercury retrograde, both in Scorpio.  We will also invoke and explore aspects of the Dark Goddess which can help guide us through the shadow transits ahead.


Part 2 will include brief chart interpretations for Saturn in your chart in the coming years, revealing your path of dedication, discipline, and accomplishment in the next two years.


Full details and registration can be found here.  Part 2 will have limited spots, and will fill up quickly so register early.



Although my stay in Pennsylvania was brief, I was fortunate to attend Psychedemia, and felt blessed to participate in the highest expression of the current Uranus-Pluto square, the transit defining the 2010‘s.  Read the full story here


In’Lakech – I am another you

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Oct 13 2012

A Report from Psychedemia, 2012 – Integrating Psychedelics and Academics

Psychedemia, 2012

Philadelphia, PA


Although my stay in Pennsylvania was brief, I was fortunate to attend Psychedemia, and felt blessed to participate in the highest expression of the current Uranus-Pluto square, the transit defining the 2010‘s.   Psychedemia was a 3 day conference at the University of Pennsylvania.  The subtitle for Psychedemia was “Integrating the psychedelic experience in academia.”

Now this is quite polarized to the 60’s psychedelic guru, Timothy Leary’s statement of “Tune in, turn on, drop out.”  Instead of dropping out, Psychedemia was conceived and organized by a team of graduate and post graduate students, led by Nese Devenot, a fellow contributor to realitysandwich.com.

Psychedemia accomplished the bold task of bringing together academic researchers, authors, teachers, students, psychedelic explorers, and visionary artists all seeking to expand their awareness of the evolutionary potential present in the psychedelic experience.

Unfortunately, I did not get to attend Sunday or Friday’s amazing workshops and panels, such as the Visionary art symposium. or the Symposiums on Psychedelics and Ethics and on Psychedelics Innovation, although I did catch a bit of the brilliant Android Jones sharing some of his software techniques for creating psychedelic art masterpieces.

However, Saturday’s events were filled with insights and new connections, such as the psilocybin panel discussion.  Psilocybin is the psychoactive component of mushrooms and is being studied by many academic researchers.  Talks included

“Psilocybin treatment of cancer patients,” and “Psilocybin treatment of drug dependence: smoking cessation.”

Saturday also included poster sessions, an open hall display and discussion with many researchers sharing their findings in various psychedelic topics, such as David Nickles representing the online DMT Nexus and Peter Addy and other’s “Scientific Exploration of Subjective Experience: Salvia Divinorum.” Some of the research in the poster sessions seemed to have an overall theme of trying to gain some sense of objectivity to the sbujective, personal experience of psychedelic travelers.

Although I did not present a full poster session, I discussed with various individuals my own research and sentiments about the importance of timemapping our ceremonies and psychedelic experiences, utilizing one’s personal horoscope.  Since I began studying astrology in 2004, I have been bringing an astrological approach towards understanding the most opportune times of the month and year for doing specific shamanic work.  I also stress the importance of one’s Moon sign for the approach and style of integration with one’s journeys into altered states.  In addition, the deeper one understands the various interplay and dance of the psychic elements, represented by the planets, and their initiatory experiences, represented by their transits, the more easily and efficiently can the psychedelic experience be integrated and reflected upon through the symbolic language of the stars.

Besides beautiful visionary art, authors and teachers were also highlighted at the conference.  MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, was present with a table full of recent publications on psychedelics and consciousness, including titles such as Spiritual Growth with Entheogens, The New Science of Psychedelics, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, Visionary Plant Consciousness, and Psychedelic Healing.

Evolver editions, publisher of my book Codex of the Soul, was also present with a table and authors such as Charles Shaw, myself, and with a few presentations from Jonathan Talat Phillips, author of Electric Jesus, who spoke on Warrior Healing and the Santo Daime ayahuasca church.

For sheer inspiration, and for your own further research, I highly recommend visiting psychedemia.org to see the entire lineup of talks given at this monumental event.  The organizers documented all of the lectures and plan to make them available in the near future.

Overall, there was a sense of camaraderie, curiosity, community, and discovery throughout Saturday, especially present at the day’s close, as we mingled, networked, and celebrated the abundance with drinks and delicious food.

Conversations were lively, and a fresh feeling of freedom to discuss, to probe, to wonder, to forge new synaptic comprehensions seemed to be the overarching vibe.

I watched as what had previously been hidden and separated by institutional dogma, fear of change, and controlling forces (Pluto in Capricorn) was being liberated at last, tickled by the wild urge to innovate and individuate (Uranus in Aries).

Saturday’s workshops and evening festivities were also marked by the presence of the Aries Full Moon.  As the sign of the pioneer and brave explorer of the unknown, this was an ideal full moon under which to have this event.

In my new book, Aquarius Dawns, released last April, I noted that:

Uranus in Aries is consistently a restless, experimental, and culturally and scientifically exciting cycle of new discoveries.  And importantly, Aries rules the head, and by extension the brain. Uranus is the planet of innovation and inventive thinking. It shocks us into the future. Thus, Uranus in Aries will invite more and more pioneers in the Piscean fields of the psyche and consciousness studies, and the role the brain plays as a receiver or antennae for consciousness. Those braving the cutting edge in these fields will ask what actually occurs in the brain as we dream, meditate, journey on psychedelics, etc. What chemicals are involved in what vision- ary experiences and what parallels can be found? We are now literally mapping the psyche: the cartography of the dreamspace, the experience of dying, of what occurs after we die, the womb state, our past lives, and the shamanic and visionary journey. Likewise, the “many-worlds” theory of physics, whereby each decision you make creates another universe and another and another, as overwhelming to consider as it may be, is becoming the most accepted theory on the nature of reality.

A friend at the conference turned me on to the podcasts of psychonaut Martin Ball.  I highly recommend his fascinating discussion, “Organs of the Mind” with Thomas Ray, Ph.D.   This subject deals specifically with my point above about revolutionary neurological research applied towards a holistic study of the psyche, as Ray breaks down the various organs of consciousness, their functions, and how they are stimulated by certain psychedelic compounds.

What I witnessed in the  conference rooms, poster sessions, networking dialogues, and media which occurred at Psychedemia was the blossoming potential of the second exact Uranus-Pluto square, which took place the same week.  This transformative power involves the collective will to liberate the veiled taboos, to dialogue openly about the previously hidden, and in the process excite and accelerate the process of evolution

I mentioned to organizer Nese Devenot that I felt this conference was a seed for many that should spread over the coming decade in different cities, that its documentation and dissemination were vital, and that the timing of it had been correlated exactly to the Uranus-Pluto square alignment.   In the square, we take the more chaotic energies from the original conjunction, which took place in the 60’s, and we work on building more secure foundations and solid structures from which to build upon.  Thus, our cultural revolution now is not a single moment, but a sustainable pulse.

I also found out that another conference sponsored by MAPS—Psychedelic Science 2013—is scheduled to occur April 18-22, 2013 in Oakland, CA, one month before the third exact square of Uranus-Pluto.  As astrological researchers have found, when a major outer planetary transit occurs, artists and event organizers channel that quality.

Perhaps as we look ahead to May and to November 1 of 2013, the third and fourth exact squares of Uranus and Pluto, we can strategize our most catalytic and awakening events to harmonize with these r(evolutionary) peak moments.

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Jul 16 2012

Bio and Workshops Tour 2012/2013

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl
Evergreen, CO

Web – soulalchemyastrology.com
Email – verdarluz@gmail.com
Phone – 503 – 422 9489

DJ and Guitar Links


Astrological Teaching Links

Astrology Blog and Books


My name is VerDarLuz and I am integral healer and shamanic artist. Much of my work focuses on Shamanic Astrology and the ability in all of us to fully embody all of the archetypes. When I visit cities, I like to offer a variety of teachings, musical, and dance experiences to local communities. The following is a list of my bio, workshop teachings, musical offerings, and testimonials of my work. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work and I hope we can learn, play, and share together soon.


DJ and Guitar Links


Gemineye Ryze: – Eclectic DJ sets, composed of Electro Soul, Swing House, Progressive House, Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep, Downtempo, Ethnic beats.

CelestiOwl: – Guitar, Turkish Saz, and Shamanic Dance invocation

Sound Healing: ShamaniSonic Odysseys
In this deep listening circle, participants lay down with their heads in the center of a circle and listen to both live guitar journeys and electro-orchestral odysseys. We then process our experience silently thru drawing, painting, poetry, and dance. At the close, we share our journeys with the group.

Your set at the Sonic Bloom festival was hands down the most fun, eclectic



1.  Zodiac Yoga and Astro Dance

2. AstroShamanism and Chakra Power Animals

3. Evolutionary Intimacy: The Zodiac Puja and the Archetypal God and Goddess

4. Languages of the Aquarian Evolution: Shamanic Astrology and Human Design

5.  The 60’s PT 2: Archetypal Astrology and Psychedelic Culture

6. Multidimensional Soul-Healing:
Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanic Regression, and Rebirthing Breathwork

7.  The Shamanic Artist and The Emerging Aquarian Age

8.  Sacred Geometry and Archetypal Astrology

9.  AstroDrama and Planetary Rites of Passage



Zodiac Yoga and AstroDance – 960 min – 120 min.

Astrology is not just up in the stars – it’s right here in our bodies!! This workshop will instruct people on how to celebrate the astrological signs through their bodies. We begin with a warmup that opens each part of the body thru its astrological correspondence.  Then we move into Zodiac-Yoga and Astrolo-ChiKung to teach various postures that are associated with each sign of the zodiac.  Then participants will be guided on an evolutionary dance journey the zodiac, inviting participants to discover the archetypes thru authentic movement.
We will end with a closing circle to discuss the experience and how one can begin to extend this practice into their daily workouts and into their relationships and personal healing practices.

AstroShamanism and Chakra Power Animal Dance – 2 hours

As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age, languages of energy will continue to synthesize integral paradigms of self-discovery and communication.  Astrology, Chakras, Shamanism, and Dance are just such languages of energy.  The planets represent evolutionary urges vibrating from the core of our soul.  In this workshop, we will explore the pulse of the planets and their corresponding chakra associations through meditation, mantra, and movement.  We will further invoke and locate our personal power animals located at each chakra and shapeshift into their energies through dance.  In this process, we will discover an individual totem pole spiraling through our energy body, which can help to sustain, nourish, and empower us through these cathartic times.

Evolutionary Intimacy: The Zodiac Puja and the Archetypal God and Goddess – 90 min – 2 hours

The Zodiac Puja is a reverential and fun circle we will create to honor and adore each other, in the style of Tantric Pujas, but based in the archetypes of the zodiac.
Each of the questions will move in an evolutionary journey through the signs of the zodiac, helping participants to discover the full spectrum of their love nautres—from holding patterns, to edges, to places of power. Both partners will maintain eyegazing throughout the experience, allowing people to connect deeply with the many beloveds present. We will also explore the role of Mars and Venus in astrology as the reflections of the primary drives and attractions of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine.

Languages of the Aquarian Evolution: Shamanic Astrology and Human Design -90 min – 2 hours

We are changing and transforming more rapidly now than in any other point in human history. And so we search for languages to guide us through the birth canal, into our personal and collective evolution. In this informative workshop, we demystify astrology by asking what its role is in todays’ world. How can I benefit for applying this ancient wisdom in my life? How can we use it to guide the next generation, to build healthy relationships, and to strategize our life paths? How can we find our power places around the earth and when should we relocate or travel to these vortices? We also explore the emerging system of self-awareness, Human Design, by discussing its five primary energetic types and the nine energetic centers. We will show how it weaves astrology, the iching, the kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the Chakra system into a profound instruction on strategies for living your fullest potential.

The 60’s PT 2: Archetypal Astrology, Shamanic Magick, and Psychedelic Culture – 90 min – 2 hours

How do the celestial transits of the 2010‘s invite each of us to update and evolve the seeds planted in the era of the 60‘s? Why is an understanding of our archetypal natures essential to this process?
One of the best ways to understand the language of archetypes is to comprehend their correspondences to the world of daily life. This workshop will teach you the nature of the planets and the signs through their correlations to drugs, medicines, foods, music, and healing practices. By applying this wisdom, we will discover when each month and each year to partake in which kinds of rituals and practices appropriate to our specific archetypal initiations.

Multidimensional Soul-Healing:
Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanic Regression, and Rebirthing Breathwork – 2 Hours.

Ancient and modern star seers always perceived eclipses as karmic portals, evolutionary thresholds which mark thee most intense and transformational times of the year. Eclipses are composed of the Nodes of the Moon and in astrology representing the cutting-edge of our evolution and the traces of our soul’s history. In this workshop you will learn how Evolutionary astrology interacts with past life regression therapy, shamanic soul-retrieval, and rebirthing breathwork to form a holistic picture of the soul’s movement between lives. The nodes are the key evolutionary imperative in our lives and represent the journey of the Wounded Healer we all must make at this cathartic time. This workshop will also include a guided meditation, collective breathwork, and artistic exercise intended to open a portal into a past-life character seeking integration. We will then share our findings in circle.

The Shamanic Artist and the Emerging Aquarian Dawn – 90 min

2012 is the apex moment of the shift of the Ages. In this workshop we discuss the astronomical dynamics of the shift from Pisces to Aquarius, why the Mayan calendar enddate signifies the peak of this shift, and what this means for all of us as a society and culture.
We will explore and dance out the planetary configuration defining the 2010’s – the Uranus-Pluto square. We will learn how this cycle refers back to and updates the 1960’s and the late 20’s/early 30’s. What is astrology’s role in helping us navigate these transits with intention, compassion, and confidence?
How are the 2010‘s ushering us across the Aquarian threshold with new paradigm relationships, a cooperative Aquarian economy and politics, a revolution in education and parenting, Aquarian age spirituality and alien intelligence, and the role of the Shamanic Artist and Wounded Healer archetypes as the guiding light shifting the Ages?

Sacred Geometry and Archetypal Astrology – 1.5 – 2 hours

Plato, the Neoplatonists, the Pythagoreans, and many mystery schools considered geometry and number as the most reduced and essential, and therefore the ideal, philosophical language. In this workshop, we will uncover the hidden link between sacred geometry and the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. We will explore how the One Source manifests itself through a sacred process of divine division from monad to multiplicity. The triangle, square, diamond, six-pointed star and other sacred geometries will be investigated in relation to the modes, qualities, elements, and signs. We will understand how this mystical process reflects the hermetic maxim of As above, so Below, a concept which weaves astrology together with fractals, holography, and passages from Holy Scripture.

AstroDrama and Planetary Rites of Passage – 90 min

The planets are evolutionary intelligences and psychological forces within us. In this playshop, we will invoke the planetary characters through dance and theater, and relate these planets to key initiatory moments in our lifetimes. These planetary rites of passage are gateways all souls will have to pass through during this lifetime. The planetary forces represent evolutionary thresholds in our journey of ascension. Knowing the rites of passage helps us to compassionately support our own and others’ initiatory experiences. In this talk, we unlock the mysteries of many rites of passage such as the Saturn Return at 28-30 and 58-60, the Lunar Return at 27 and 54, the Jupiter Return at 24, 36, 48, the Chiron return at 50, and the midlife cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


“VerDarLuz is more than an astrologer, he is a masterful artist in how he acquaints you with the nuances and intricacies of your soul’s chart, and brings you closer to your light and truth.  I recently had a partnership reading with my love.  We learned about individual needs and expressions, but also gained an in-depth spiritual understanding of the significance and meaning of our soul’s intertwined.  Just two months later, we were engaged.  This is the new and empowered version of “couples counseling!”
-J. Jessup & D. Schaner

“VerDarLuz weaves together the major aspects of astrology in such a skillful and interesting way that at last I’ve been able to make sense of and absorb the information.  Ver is a master teacher.  One may learn much about devotion to purpose by attending his classes and performances.  ‘Impeccable’ in regard to both his planned presentations and improvisational performances readily comes to mind. “
– Mary Wheeler, Madison, WI

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Dec 31 2011

2012: The Year in the Mirror

We are Here, Now.  2012: The year in the mirror.  It’s hard to believe.  Some of us have been waiting for this year, others have been living its transformational potential everyday, assured that at this end to the Mayan calendar we are indeed climbing the pyramid into the Great Mystery pulsing in the heart of the Galactic Center.

There are many conflicting energies this year, such as Neptune’s new 14 year cycle into Pisces, which simultaneously weaves us into a single tapestry of universal love and the opening to the divine imagination in each moment, but can also leave us confused as our boundaries dissolve, with less and less from our pasts to our hold on to.  We are without an anchor, but we are liberated.

So 2012 becomes a major decision point.

Are we going to distract ourselves from out missions and project our shadows, or are we going to commit to healing in order to attract our One SELF and Ascend.   Are we willing to return to our innocence and reflect that luminous essence to each other always or must we suffer the ego’s desire for separation and guilt?

These are some of the major questions confronting us in the mirror at the end of the Piscean Age, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, a pivot point which reaches critical mass in 2012.

Immediately on the horizon for us all in 2012 are the beginnings of two retrograde cycles, Mars and Saturn, while June ushers in a Venus retrograde.  All of these retrograde cycles emphasize relationships as our greatest challenge, and thus, our most prominent evolutionary portal.

Since relationships are such a major theme for 2012, I will be addressing some of the key, essential astrological tools for conscious relating, going far beyond the Sun, in a FREE teleseminar January 10th and an upcoming webinar course.

This teleclass will be a very special and thorough exploration of all of the major 2012 alignments, such as eclipses, retrograde dates, the revolutionary return of the 60‘s, and much more and how you can best be prepared for them.


Our creative essence is being empowered each day with new tools and technologies of communication and the tribes who wish to support us.  With Mars going retrograde in Virgo, we must take that creative spark and craft it.  This is when we become technicians and devotees, committed to our practices as paths to divine revelation.

With Mars retrograde, beginning January 23rd and ending April 14th, we ask what motivates and catalyzes us: what do I do every day, and why?  Does it help me live a more fulfilling life of sacred service?   We must become more discriminating in our passions and desires, including sexually and interpersonally.  Is this healthy for me is a major Mars in Virgo question.  Mars is in Virgo until July 3rd.

Under this energy, we’re going to be busier than we’ve ever been in our lives, but we should be more intelligent with our energy usage.  Thus, we need to strategize, we need to timemap in order to actualize our potential.  Therefore, in 2012, tools, techniques, and languages which help us to live efficiently and harmonically will be prevalent and will be the paths to success.  These include languages such as astrology, coaching, and other healing modalities, which help us to refine our energies and move more systematically towards realizing our goals.



Uranus in Aries is lighting the sacred fires in all of us, passing the flaming torch to our innermost core in order to discover the entrepreneurial pioneer and fearless leader.  Uranus will finally hit its first square to Pluto in Capricorn this year, the first of a monumental seven exact squares

The Occupy movements around the world have given us a major clue as to what the revolutionary fervor of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn will be about, as we the people must continually prove to ourselves that we have all the resources we need within the mirrors of our community, and so both our local and virtual tribes are stronger than any old paradigm power structures glued to their stale past.


To learn more about the 2012 celestial shifts, please join us for the free teleseminar January 10th: All details and registration info here:



May your 2012 be blessed and epiphanous.

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Oct 26 2011

NEW MOON SCORPIO: EnterDeepAndDance + Scorpio Astrodrama

“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” – Khalil Gibran

If Hallow’s Eve and All Soul’s Day approaches, we know we must be entering the dungeons of transformation in Scorpio. The New Moon in Scorpio occurs Wednesday afternoon in the U.S. and can be felt more dramatically due to its aspects to Chiron, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. this week of the New Moon, Our healing potential is empowered through our willingness to deepen our commitment to evolution. Adaptibility brings inspiration, letting go increases the need for faith and the trust that inner guidance will light the way.

With Venus squaring Mars, we can expect some relational friction, power struggles, and stubborn intensity, all of which can be channeled into enticing arousal if used intelligently. It will be best to evaluate what our individual value system is as opposed to a value system determined by any kind of emotional, sexual, or relational dependency.

Scorpio is naturally the most psychologically penetrating season of the year. We ask WHY and WHAT CAUSES for the behaviors of ourselves, our partners, and anyone we share resources or some kind of karmic strands with. Naturally, our wounded parts ache to reach the surface from their shadowy caverns, and ache to be transmuted for the benefit of all beings.


Sometimes when our wound repeats, such as during a Chiron or Pluto transit, transits to our Eighth house of death and rebirth, or this Scorpionic time of year, we may experience a monstrous and overwhelming sense of defeat. We may ask “Why again? Why won’t this pattern end? What’s the point, because I’m permanently scarred anyway?”

The purpose of recognizing the wound is not to feed the ego’s passion for identifying itself as separate, which is our identity-attachment to the wound. Rather, the wound will reappear to test our ability to integrate our spiritual lessons, our epiphanies, our synchronicities, our training at cultivating self-mastery. Our spiritual practices and studies should help us perceive our wounds correctly: as gifts our souls offer your incarnate selves in order for us to become more conscious. If we never suffered, how could you gain compassion for others? Also, the sacred wound’s appearance invites us into multidimensional self-awareness, symbolized by the Buddhist and Celtic knots of interdependence.

Chiron, the wounded healer and honorable mentor archetype, instructs this shamanic hero within us about how to first recognize our wounded stories, and then cultivate what psychologist James Hillman calls “healing fictions” out of them.

“Stories can make up worlds and transpose existence into these worlds…History is a way of musing upon oneself, and case history which too is an expression of Clio [muse of history] is one of the ways the therapeutic profession and the patients can muse therapeutically….the possibility for revisioning and enhancing who we are lies within the events of each case history, if we learn to read it as a fiction and its events as images of Memoria, and she needs remembering in order to create.

If we just study the popularity of online photo albums like Facebook and others––those windows into our souls––or the incredible attraction in the 21st century to personal memoir and bibliography, we can understand the value in allowing ourselves to be seduced by the muse Memoria and prying open our hearts enough to simply share our story.

But in sharing the story, we realize that we are both actor and director; we are playing out the drama, but we are also the narrator, and so we become both actor and director., at once within the story and above and beyond it.

Each therapy we partake in is a technique in polishing our story, sculpting our personal mythos, crafting the song of our existence. “The psyche itself makes ‘history’ that is altogether fictional,” says Hillman. “Historical necessity means rather we are caught in our stories, the souls’ histories, tragedies, comedies, its need to form its subjectivity as history.” We must dive deep into the fullness of our storied soul, to dance and spar with our inner characters. To “individuate” is not to ‘transcend’ but to honor the pluralities playing within us.

Even as we study our astrology charts, we wrestle with a new level of self-awareness. Simultaneously humbled and empowered, we must learn to accept the character’s callings within us, and activate the highest expressions of their birthscript, while embodying the most evolved potential of our current transits.

The archetypes, the patterns of energy, are malleable and fluid, and can be expressed on a spectrum from unconscious to superconscious. Often their shadow expression, if not made visible, will try to dominate the situation. Our interrogation into the cause is the medicine we need to process through the raw emotion. Is it past life residues, birth trauma, a childhood soul-loss, an ancestral scar seeping through?

Evolution itself is dependent on responding to these questions, the serpent irritated with its skin, shedding and destroying the inessential layers. Who will emerge from the innermost depths of this BatCave of the unconscious? This is where we meet Pluto, the great trance-former, the King of the Underworld domain of Scorpio. Whatever house Pluto is located, whatever house Scorpio rules, and whatever planets tango in aspect with Pluto all signify the areas, where the ego, riding upon the chariot of shadows, will resist its necessary death until it finally surrenders to its alchemical quest and crosses the threshold of fear to arrive into freedom.


Give yourself permission. Maybe once a week. Maybe a few times more if life’s weights keep increasing their pressures. Take all the negative emotion–anger, frustration, disappointment, resentment––and just purge it out by belting out a huge primal scream. Release it from the deep belly and blast it at the top of your lungs.

Then, put one some metal, goth, dub-step or some intense music that allows you to channel the raw darkness and become your Shadow-Dance.

-Inhale deeply. Clench your fists, and then tighten the thumb within. Exhale the hands and release.

-Allow your claws to lash out. Rake your claws against your flesh, as you scream out. Transform your face and body into a monstrous demon and thrash the shadow all about.

-Then take in a deep breath.

-Move your head down and in. Hug yourself and enter your shell. Then break out with another scream.

-Take another deep breath in with your hands cupped at your Tan Tien, your energy center located at the intestines…Exhale out all the negativity as you press it down through your hands hrough your legs and into the embrace of Mother Earth

-And then chant to Kali, goddess who destroys the illusory ego.

Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Hum Hreem Hreem Dakshine Kaalika
Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Hum Hreem Hreem Swaha”

In Scorpio, Remember: You have to go INTO in order to step THROUGH.

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Jul 26 2011

Saturn cycles video, Mercury Retrograde, Leo New Moon

The New Moon occurs at 11:40 pacific time, at 7 degrees Leo on Saturday July 30th. This is a very dynamic New Moon, as it aspects all of the outer planets. The trine from Uranus has the potential to awaken our creative flares with electric epiphany, though we must watch going to egocentric extremes or becoming too fixed in our opinions, self-righteousness, or hedonism with the square to stubborn Jupiter in Taurus. Also, Neptune is in a challenging quincunx to the New Moon, which could leave us feeling confused, mystified, and drowning in all the impermanence swirling about us. As the Buddha taught, the cessation of suffering comes only through the surrender of our attachment to desire, a difficult task with all the solar passions of the Leo month.

The New Moon is also conjunct the goddess of love Venus and the focal point of what is called a ‘finger of god’ aspect, the yod, to Chiron and Pluto. The invitation here is to make certain that the relationships and friendships we are in support positive transformation, personal breakthrough, and cathartic healing. We can expect a lot of potent triggers with our beloveds and with each person we meet these days, a messenger, an angel, a shamanic reflector.

But we must also make sure to crush the shadow-projector seething within us, the one that has likely spoken before thinking with Mars in rambuctious, tongue-tied Gemini, Fortunately, Mars will move into Cancer to help slow things down and nurture us all a bit more than the hectic and scattered July journey of the warrior through Gemini’s constant exciting but burnout quality of too many amazing things to do and too much gossip to tornado ourselves through.

The Buddhist concept of Right Speech becomes even more highlighted as Mercury goes retrograde at 1 degree Virgo back to 18 Leo, beginning August 2nd. Our creativity, self-expression, playfulness, and primary child-like needs to be appreciated, heard, and honored will be highlighted. He’ll be backtracking until August 26th, so all you going to Burning Man or planning some more summer travels should double check your desires, and make sure your self-worth is fully fed so that you may generously flaunt your gorgeous expressive heart for all to behold.

Many of us, especially with more Gemini and Virgo in our charts, have been already navigating the shadow period of Mercury, feeling the effects of the trickster’s retrograde saunter, with a number of techie difficulties lately, a lot of travel plans shapeshifting, and communication fizzles. So expect frustrations with your tech gear and bring compassion to your interpersonal connections.

Hope you all have a creative Leo month, filled with the innocent play of the child within.


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May 31 2011

Summer Eclipses and Jupiter in Taurus

Summer Eclipses and Jupiter in Taurus

“As you reflect on each planetary initiation, the goal is to bless the event that came into your life at that time. Consider it a gift from that planetary archetype. A part of your soul desired to awaken through the specific events and individuals who arose into your consciousness in those threshold moments. Who showed up at that time and how were they angelic messengers for you, planetary emissaries sent to assist your initiations? And also, how have you held vigil and kept prayer at other’s rites of passage? Send loving gratitude to these circumstances, these people, and to yourself for the willingness to answer the call of spirit.”

– from my book Codex of the Soul, Astrology as a Spiritual Practice



Sculptor of Light from the bones of darkness:

You are a shamanic hero,

preparing to shapeshift,

to expect the unexpected

as we erupt into Summer this June with a massive three eclipses.

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May 04 2011

New Interview: Astrology, Shamanism, Alchemy

Astrology, Shamanism, Alchemy

Topics Discussed Include:

– Origins of Astrology
-The June Eclipses
-Nodes of the Moon and Past Lives
-Planetary Rites of Passage
-Cycles of Saturn and Uranus
-The 13th Zodiac Constellation
The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs (Precession of the Equinox)
The Piscean and Aquarian Age
-2012 and Shamanic Astrology
-Chrion and the Wounded Healer
-The Feathered Serpent
-Dark Goddess
-Neptune in Pisces

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Feb 28 2011

Shamanic Astrology Audio Interviews with Benjamin Bernstein!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Featured Interview on It’s All Good Astrology and thisweekinastrology.com

We discuss my book Codex of the Soul and some of the major transits of 2011 and the decade ahead!!

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Feb 08 2011

Aquarian Uprising: Egypt, Austin, and the Uranus-Pluto Square

Aquarian Uprising and the Uranus-Pluto Square

In my newsletter and lecture previews of 2011, I’ve been discussing the building of catastrophic and transformational energies of the Uranus-Pluto square, lasting between 2010-2015, filled with dynamic tension. (see my video lecture:

I mentioned the echoes of MLK Jr., Gandhi, but also more violent eras such as the French and American Revolutions and the 60’s.

It is easy to feel the archetypal resonance of the French Revolution with the Egyptian revolution. Gathered in “Liberation square,” the number one request from the people is for Mubarak to step down. The escalating violence eerily recalls the French aristocracy taken to its guillotine grave.

And yet the people’s movement, spurned by disenchanted youth (Uranus in Aries) against totalitarian oppression (Pluto in Capricorn) has also seeded innovative and collective creative spirit.

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