Human Design


Human Design is a system of self-knowledge that will provide you with an added lens to understand and manifest your most authentic and empowered life.

Combining four ancient systems of knowledge — the Chakra system, Kabbalah, I’Ching and Astrology — Human Design provides a holistic, synthesized perspective of your own unique patterns of energy, including your genetic coding, opening the door to self acceptance and fulfillment.

Human Design assists your journey in navigating self, relationships, business and family life, to gain an awareness and respect of behavioral patterns and habits. Elucidate how you operate, with insight into what is fixed, what is not and where your voice, power and sacred wisdom lie. With this added tool, you will bolster the journey of stepping into your most powerful and authentic self while letting go of resistance.

Comprised of two calculations which illuminate both conscious and unconscious forces, Human Design gives you an added unique layer of perception, to help navigate your daily demands and choices with more authenticity.

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Human Design Introductory Session

Get to know your chart, with your type, strategy and your place of authority, and where your greatest wisdom lies:

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Human Design and Astrology Integral Immersion

We synthesize the insight of your bodygraph with the depth of your astrological birth chart, forecasting the most optimum ways to empower yourself:

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Couple’s Reading

 A couple’s Human Design analysis is one of the most fascinating and empowering journeys a couple can experience together.  In our 90 minutes together, we will explore the synergy and possible challenges of your energy types.  We inform each partner of their life strategy and the place to go to make key decisions in their lives.  In addition, we will focus on each of the four kinds of energetic connections between the partners—the highly charged “electromagnetic” connections, the compatible “friendship” connections, the “dominion” that each partner has in their design, and also the areas which will be of greatest “compromise” and adjustment.  The two Profiles will be discussed and their typical bonding strategies and approaches to life.  Lastly, we will explore the position of Mars and Venus—the versions of the sacred masculine and feminine—in each person’s design, for a full synthesis of each partner’s relationship intent.

The Human Design Authentic Living package

First reading: Discover your Energy Type, your Strategy to live by and your Inner Authority for making key decisions in life

Second reading: Be empowered by a deep dive into your Profile and Gene Keys

Third reading: A composite reading of your most important relationship
                                The planets and their unique intelligences, in their specific Centers and Gates.

Three readings within three months
60 min each

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