Nov 21 2012


Then in Dissolutio, the initiate drowns in the all-consuming forces of the unconscious. In this stage, solid substances are ab- sorbed in liquids. The alchemist would take the ashes from the calci- nation and dissolve them in water or liquid chemicals. This act of wa- tery purification, such as the bap- tism and cleansing rituals of many religions and spiritual practices, re- turns a substance or an individual back to their original, undifferenti-
ated state, the primordial pools of the psyche.

What we thought was a solid self becomes flooded with archetyp-
al powers, gods, goddesses, forces beyond one’s control. Even the juices of lust and love, like sirens or mermaids, threaten to liquify the fixed and static aspects of the personality. Stages of psychologi- cal development can often not be accomplished until one is con- fronted by love’s vast and daunting ocean.

The flood myths from cultures around the world universally speak of a Divine Source sending the floods when humanity has be- come tainted and degenerate. The wicked are to be destroyed, and the righteous who have lived an authentic existence are to be saved. On a psychospiritual level, the negative detritus of the inflated ego must be dissolved away. Only those elements of the personal self willing to be encompassed and aligned with the Absolute Self will survive.

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