Apr 25 2013

Eclipse! Intensity and Erotica

Before the God Eros was turned into a Hallmark cherub with a bow and arrow, Eros was perceived as one of the primordial forces of the cosmos, the raw life force, there from the beginning, the urge of the source to know itself.

As we enter another transformational eclipse window this week, the urge of the creator to know itself through our myriad soul contracts, beloveds, and intimates in our lives becomes our prevailing energy.

Eclipses are evolutionary phase shifts, massive initiation cycles, especially in the sign of psychological probing Scorpio, the position of the Lunar Eclipse this Thursday April 25th at 12:57 pacific.

This eclipse highlights the versions of Sacred Masculinity and Femininity, Mars and Venus, opposing the Full Moon.  With Saturn opposing the God and Goddess and the Sun, and with all of them square Juno—asteroid of sacred relating, commitment, and equal partnership, this eclipse is forcing us to get real with our relationships.

What long-term goals do we have in relationship? What are my own Sex-pectationsfrom my partner?  What conditions do I have on enduring and stable relating, whether in business, friendship, housemates, or my sexual partner?  How do I feel most supported in relationship?

Expect the end of April and all of May to be a chaotic, cathartic, and crazy cycle of shapeshifting as this shamanic eclipse window will also reveal our resistances and holding patterns, and ask us to shed that which is no longer serving our evolution.

Due to this next month’s intensity, I invite you to join a special teleclass with my beloved Anna Loza to dialogue and discuss the collective’s relationship initiations, as the shadows dance through the dimensions, as our soul agreements come to their fruition.  In this class, we will explore karma and the nodes of the moon in Taurus and Scorpio, navigating conscious polyamory, Tantra and sacred sexuality, sex magic techniques, the role of Mars, Venus, and the asteroids Eros and Juno in your chart.

For teleclass participants, personal interpretations of the eclipses in your chart or the asteroids Eros or Juno will be offered.  We hope to journey through the eclipse portal with you.

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