Erotic Empowerment

 Learn to liberate your God and Goddess to authentically live your creative potential.

Eros, the god of love, also represents the surge of the life force itself.  Yet, early sexual traumas and sexual conditioning can decrease our vitality and life force.  Tantric practice helps to repattern and expand your emotional, sexual, and spiritual energy.

As a shamanic practitioner, evolutionary astrologer, Human Design consultant, and tantra coach, I integrate many tools to offer you the most comprehensive insights possible.

We will inspire healing and empower awakening on every level of your erotic being. In our sessions, I give you specific language to:

  • Honor your relationship intent
  • Balance your unique expressions of the sacred masculine and feminine
  • Understand the complementary and compatible energies for you
  • Your patterns of attraction
  • Your erotic impulses
  • Specific tantric awakening practices
  • Areas of challenge and potential growth in relationships and sexuality

Our journey together is an adventure in discovering how you give and receive love.

I work with women, men, and couples.  We begin with a conversation to clarify your goals, desires, and challenges as an individual and with others.

With insights from your astrological birth chart and Human Design energy map we will explore your soul’s relationship intent, erotic impulses, and any obstacles in the realm of love and sensuality.


Through our conversation and the chart analysis, I craft a session specially designed to awaken your sensual essence.

If you would like to go deeper into understanding your unique relationship intent and sexual dynamics, I offer individual and couple’s coaching.

It is incredible to experience Verdarluz’s guided experience. He weaves a deep understanding of Astrology, Relationship dynamics and Tantra in a very unique and touching way.” ~Viraja Prema, Intimacy Coach, Encinitas, CA





I am an erotic empowerment coach and facilitator, studying with Master Charles Muir in the Source School of Tantra to be a Certified Tantra Educator.  I am also a student of Richard Anton Diaz and Orgasmic Providing, and trained in Orgasmic Meditation.

You can watch videos and find further resources with my teachers Charles Muir and Leah Alchin here