Jan 14 2013

FOUNDATIONS: Relationship and Finance Tests, Twists, Transformations

For many of us, last week may have been a challenge to get our energies up off the ground with the Balsamic Moon, but last Friday’s New Moon in Capricorn will give us plenty of energy to move forward with our big 2013 plans and projects.

The busy-ness will increase with Mercury conjunct the Sun the next two weeks, an ideal transit for business strategies, long-term planning, and timemapping—increasingly where my personal coaching work with clientele is going.

By the end of the week, our Solar god and Mercury will enter experimental, quirky, and inventive Aquarius, a time when community involvement, visionary planning, and revolutionary ideals of freedom and the future we want begin to dominate our collective sphere.

But this week, the Goddesses take a bungee jump dive into the underworld, and reigns from the delicate precipice there. Venus, goddess of love, finance, and creativity will conjoin the honorable Juno, goddess of commitment, custom, and our sacred contracts.  Both of them enter our dominant transit of global creative catharsis: the Uranus-Pluto square.

This transit may at times bring some irritation, combustibility, or paranoid psychologies into our connections.  Think back to just before and after the New Year, when the Sun and Mercury butted up to the Uranus-Pluto square. Were you a bit more annoyed, depressed, or reactive during those times?  What did you learn?

Looking ahead, this will be the last major trigger point release of these two planets until middle to end of March, when Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Aries.  This will be one of the most opportune times of 2013 to launch major projects and initiate revolutionary, pioneering work to the collective.

But here in mid January, we find Venus in Capricorn, the practical goddess, concerned with building solid and enduring foundations in her relationships, especially when she cozies up with Juno, always the one to ask what versions of relating could really endure for us or what kind of partnership ideals fit my soul’s intentions in this lifetime.  Juno is one of the most important, but underrated of the astrological archetypes, but one’s personal Juno placement gives essential clues to fulfilling and enriching relationships.

One of the best questions to ask in your business and intimate relationships right now is: What structures are we building together?  How will they sustain and thrive through time?  You may become more necessarily sensitive your boundaries at this time.  This may make our tone of voice or topic of conversation more serious, but we are asking what will mature with all of our relationships.

In astrology, we can use the composite chart—an exquisite and highly detailed expression of Venus in Capricorn’s urge for practical relating.  The Composite Chart reveals the nature of the two-as-one.  Who is the third energy pulsing between the two of us?  The Composite invites a couple into their sacred work together, their paths of mastery, their shared purpose, how they serve the planet together.  It is one of my favorite tools to use in counseling beloveds or instructing business partners or friends with specific vocabulary to apply in assisting each other’s self-realization.

A lot of questions I’ve been exploring in my recent and ongoing training in Tantra and intimacy coaching can be appreciated with a transit like this.  For instance, when we bring in the Uranus square, now we ask: In what ways do I feel most liberated in relationship?  And the conjunction to Pluto demands that we dance with shadows…. We can ask ourselves, in what ways do I empower my partner(s) and how would i like to be strengthened towards more positive and larger scale influence in the world through my relationships?

If we can release our control issues and power struggles, there are real potentials with this transit to awaken the depths and allow them to rise in glory.  We must all act as shamans for each other at this time as old wounds or traumas around money or relationships surface to be transmuted.

If we do face tension, struggle, or the raw unconscious in our relationships or business this week, it’s important to realize that we have mentorship and guidance right around the corner waiting to support us, since Venus sextiles shamanic counselor Chiron this week.

Thus, in winter’s dark and often heavy cloak we may find pockets of luminous revelation, stairways to heaven in the soulgaze, the tender caress, and the practical, co-operative realization of our collective goals.

Onward, lovers, towards the snowy peak.

May you persevere on your way to the precious perch.

Heaven awaits.

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