Jan 27 2014

Honoring the God and Goddess

It would be a lot simpler if women really were from Venus and men from Mars.  But in actuality, Venus can wear twelve possible costumes or zodiac signs, and she likes to dance in one of twelve realms of life, or houses.  In just her signs and houses, her masks and her domains, then, the Love Goddess dances in 144 different styles. And of course, the Goddess also has friends and foes – those other planets who contribute as helper or challenger to her identity, which we call aspects.

Our society sometimes views men as more uniform and consistent in their desires and displays, without as many subtle and nuanced textures as the feminine. But Mars has just as many multiple personalities as his female counterpart. Like her, he can be found in one of 144 masks by the combination of sign and house. And how is he benefited by or in battle with other psychological forces, other planetary archetypes?  This is why our unique version of the God and Goddess is so complex, painted with such intricate and sometimes contradictory hues.

If a woman’s Venus is honored and nourished, her most illuminated aspect of the Divine Feminine will be free to radiate. Thus, when a woman is most free to express this version of the Goddess, she feels abundantly attractive and confident in her worth. She is able to inspire others and magnetize friends and lovers through this archetypal expression.

Think of Venus in Aquarius Oprah Winfrey. Aquarius is a sign related to community, friendship, tribe, individuality, humanitarian efforts, and revolutionary causes and ideas.  Is there a more popular woman in the United States than Oprah, whose entire show was about bringing fresh topics, innovative concepts, and unique individuals forward to enlighten and awaken her viewers?  Truly, Oprah is an Aquarian goddess.

Or we can look at Venus in Scorpio Hillary Clinton.  Scorpio is a sign related to power, intensity, dramatic transformation, wide-reaching influence, and increase due to a partner’s resources.  The majority of Clinton’s life has been in the public sphere, as a politician wielding power, from the wife of a governor, to the First Lady, to Senator, to Secretary of State.  Even in the affairs of her husband and the media frenzy surrounding this, Clinton could thrive on the dramatic power of her position in the world, a power to influence the fate of nations and to make deep and long-lasting impact on the world.

When it comes to Mars, a man desires to be revered for the sign in which Mars is in his chart.  When this version of the Sacred Masculine can shine, this God will ascend to his throne and fully radiate his essence.  We often see actors play roles associated with their Mars position, as those characters are a natural fit.  When looking at Mars in Scorpio, we find Leonardo DiCaprio.  Think of the intense power, the criminal darkness, and the themes of dominance, control, and unconscious shadows which inhabit DiCaprio’s characters in films such as  The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, Inception, and Romeo and Juliet.

We can see how different a man’s Mars position is in opposite signs of the zodiac, for instance a Mars in Capricorn versus a Mars in Cancer.  A man with Mars in Capricorn thrives on financial and business success.  He is a born leader whose whole drive is to be recognized for his hard work, disciplined efforts, and integrity. In relationship, he is the kind of man who may appear to have walls surrounding his heart, but when he feels respected, admired, and acknowledged for his accomplishments, he can feel trust in a partner, and the potential for enduring commitment in him can blossom.

On the other hand, a man with Mars in Cancer would like nothing more than to be a stay-at-home dad, feeding the kids, managing the home, building a safe and nurturing nest for those he loves.

Contrast a woman with her Venus in Virgo to a Venus in Pisces.  In Virgo, we find the priestess and yogini, concerned with living a healthy and devotional life.  She is discriminating in who she shares with because she wants to consistently experience a sacred awareness.  At the yoga festival, she’s crafting her practice and studying for eight hours a day.

But you’ll find the Venus in Pisces dressing up in neon tutus, rainbow colored wigs, and a unicorn horn as she grooves to bass music at Burning Man.  She is cinematic, she loves fantasy, poetry, romanticism, the “ideal,” and wants to be consumed by experience.  In relationship, she seeks to achieve an altered state of consciousness to receive the divine.  A creature of the sea, she is slippery, camouflaged, impossible to pin down, as intoxicating and cute as a fairy or nymph.

The fundamental point is that each of these expressions of the masculine and feminine are sacred, divine, valid, and very different.  Our goal is to learn the language of our god and goddess and to freely express the layers and complexities of our relationship intent.

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