Jul 26 2011

Saturn cycles video, Mercury Retrograde, Leo New Moon

The New Moon occurs at 11:40 pacific time, at 7 degrees Leo on Saturday July 30th. This is a very dynamic New Moon, as it aspects all of the outer planets. The trine from Uranus has the potential to awaken our creative flares with electric epiphany, though we must watch going to egocentric extremes or becoming too fixed in our opinions, self-righteousness, or hedonism with the square to stubborn Jupiter in Taurus. Also, Neptune is in a challenging quincunx to the New Moon, which could leave us feeling confused, mystified, and drowning in all the impermanence swirling about us. As the Buddha taught, the cessation of suffering comes only through the surrender of our attachment to desire, a difficult task with all the solar passions of the Leo month.

The New Moon is also conjunct the goddess of love Venus and the focal point of what is called a ‘finger of god’ aspect, the yod, to Chiron and Pluto. The invitation here is to make certain that the relationships and friendships we are in support positive transformation, personal breakthrough, and cathartic healing. We can expect a lot of potent triggers with our beloveds and with each person we meet these days, a messenger, an angel, a shamanic reflector.

But we must also make sure to crush the shadow-projector seething within us, the one that has likely spoken before thinking with Mars in rambuctious, tongue-tied Gemini, Fortunately, Mars will move into Cancer to help slow things down and nurture us all a bit more than the hectic and scattered July journey of the warrior through Gemini’s constant exciting but burnout quality of too many amazing things to do and too much gossip to tornado ourselves through.

The Buddhist concept of Right Speech becomes even more highlighted as Mercury goes retrograde at 1 degree Virgo back to 18 Leo, beginning August 2nd. Our creativity, self-expression, playfulness, and primary child-like needs to be appreciated, heard, and honored will be highlighted. He’ll be backtracking until August 26th, so all you going to Burning Man or planning some more summer travels should double check your desires, and make sure your self-worth is fully fed so that you may generously flaunt your gorgeous expressive heart for all to behold.

Many of us, especially with more Gemini and Virgo in our charts, have been already navigating the shadow period of Mercury, feeling the effects of the trickster’s retrograde saunter, with a number of techie difficulties lately, a lot of travel plans shapeshifting, and communication fizzles. So expect frustrations with your tech gear and bring compassion to your interpersonal connections.

Hope you all have a creative Leo month, filled with the innocent play of the child within.


2 Responses to Saturn cycles video, Mercury Retrograde, Leo New Moon

  1. Energy Healer Cat Morgan July 28, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Hi! I am living in Mexico now, next to Sayulita on the Riviera Nayarit. I wanted to say thanks for all of great info, and for your time and energy. So, THANKS!
    Blessing Always

  2. Summer Nemri August 2, 2011 at 8:15 am

    I always look forward to your updates! I feel you speak very well to this generation of beings at this time in space-the challenges we confront as we shift into the coming years, the changing of the gaurds, if you will. As I move into my Saturn return, I am filled with excitement, yet foresee the Dark depths I must enter into in order to better understand and integrate the Light-overwhelming, yet necessary. Your dedication to this path of universal truths is inspiring, and personally offers me patience and understanding during this seemingly crucial time in my life. With Gratitude *

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