Shamanic Therapies

The archetype which is bridging the Piscean and Aquarian ages is the Wounded Healer, a shamanic artist seeking the cure to the wounds of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Deep Memory Process is a holistic, experiential therapy, which reveals how each of these four bodies holds trauma from one lifetime to the next. For instance, fear, anger, and despair can be lodged in the throat, blocking this chakra. Phrases like “I never should have said it” and “They won’t listen” may be repeated at the moment of death and then prevent one from speaking one’s truth in this lifetime. The shoulders, for example, hold guilt and the overwhelming feeling of responsibility, which appear in thoughts/statements we repeat throughout our lives such as “I can never do enough,” or “It’s all up to me.” So the physical shoulder pain is connected to the emotion of guilt and the thought of not doing enough. As we enter through any one of these wounded areas, a particular story and character will emerge which seeks healing.

Much of this work relates to the profound discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, the pioneer in somatic psychology, who realized that we can locate the unconscious in the body.The goal in this work, like aspects of shamanism, is to retrieve the lost and fragmented parts of the soul. The “unfinished business” from various lifetimes continues to haunt us in this incarnation, for we embody all of our soul’s history. Thus, we must allow the psyche to dramatize these unresolved, inner characters to uncover how the trauma we are carrying today first formed. This ‘psychodrama’ cathartically engages the past life story, the wounds, the dying thoughts, and then the necessary healing and resolution work in the bardos, the interlife realms of the spirit world.

Evolutionary Astrology is a map which reveals the psyche and its conscious and uconscious scritps, which we are then able to process through experiential therapy in this form of shamanic regression healing, Deep Memory Process.

– My sessions involve an interview process and the time for the experiential work, roughly 3 hours.


– I require that clients follow this up with a 30 minute Evolutionary Astrology reading within one to two weeks following the regression work, in order to integrate the character into your current life dynamics.


– Subsequent regression sessions and readings can be done separately.

To learn more, please view these fascinating videos with Patricia Walsh and Dr. Roger Woolger, founders and teachers of the work.

Deep Memory Process Past Life Therapy -What to Expect From a Session Part 1- Patricia Walsh

Deep Memory Process Past Life Therapy -What to Expect From a Session Part 2- Patricia Walsh

Deep Memory Process Past Life Therapy – Founder Roger Woolger