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The shift from the Piscean to Aquarian age involves an integration of an emerging energy, a force pulsing in the lightworkers of today. This surging energy is the undeniable invitation to go beyond our self-imposed limitations. It is our new collective vocation: to rise as the Wounded Healer.
The call of the Wounded Healer has resounded in the hearts of yoga, chi kung, and meditation practitioners, massage therapists, energy workers, coaches, artists, and musicians—all of whom are learning the lesson of the emerging Aquarian Age: in order to heal others and Mother Earth herself, I must first heal my own deepest wounds.

Thus we are birthing the Shamanic Artist, crafting our abilities to merge the lower and higher selves. The ascension process to the higher vibrations of Aquarius depends on our willingness to embrace our creative potential. And that creator within each of us must now confront the wounded aspects of the soul, in order to offer back the healing of that very pain through sacred and dedicated service.
In an age of prophecy, uncertainty, and excitement, shamanic astrologer and multimedia artist, Verdarluz, weaves the inspiring narrative of the Wounded Healer with instruction from world mythology, alchemy, archetypal history, personal coaching, buddhist wisdom, contemporary film, and shamanic symbolism.

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