Solar Returns (Birthday Charts)

The Solar Return occurs each year within a day of your birthday.  This chart marks the potent moment when the Sun returns to the exact position it was on the day of your birth.

Solar Returns can offer detailed information about the year ahead—its major themes and motifs, as well as the best strategies to navigate the year with confidence and grace.  Solar Return interpretation is one of the oldest forms of forecasting.

In our 60 minute Solar Return reading, we first look at the previous year’s solar return and how you integrated the major initiations from that chart.  Then we examine the major themes of the next year and how they reflect back on your soul’s intentions represented in your natal chart.  In our more thorough 90 minute session, we can also cover other pertinent transits that mark the significant thresholds of the coming year, and discuss the more specific mythical themes for the coming year represented by the asteroids.

Birthdays are the best time of year for Solar Returns, although the chart can be a helpful study tool sometime within 4-8 weeks of a birthday.

Readings are recorded by mp3 and the Solar Return chart is sent to you by jpeg with some beautiful art work as a background.  An included bonus in these readings is a detailed written report for the major aspects and house positions of each planet for the year ahead.

Reading Length
Birth Info (+ Time, Place)


**Some astrologers work with the natal birth place for the Solar Return.  Others work with the location where one celebrates their birthday, and still others work with where one is currently living for the year.  In my own research, I have discovered that all charts will reveal overlapping themes, challenges, and flowing energies for the year.  In our reading together, it is easiest to work with the place of birth.  If one wants to add a layer, you can further examine the return chart for the locale in which you live.