Jun 12 2013

The Astrology of the Turkish Protests

In April, we explored the Uranus-Pluto square and Neptune in Pisces through the lens of the Boston Bombings.   This month, I wanted to share some astrological insights into what looks to be the “Arab Spring” becoming the “Turkish Summer,” with riots and protests blanketing the country.

In summary, on May 28, Turkish protesters gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, and specifically Gezi Park to prevent the demolition of trees through urban development.

Within a week, the non-violent demonstration shifted into sometimes violent skirmishes and nationwide gatherings, with tens of thousands of people from all four of Turkey’s biggest cities protesting, and more than 200 demonstrations in 67 cities.



Why should what started as a demonstration about public spaces so quickly erupt into such a violent and extensive scenario?  As we saw with Boston’s chart, Turkey’s horoscope reveals why such extreme energy has been catalyzed in such a short period of time.

According to various websites, including astrotheme.com, Turkey’s birth chart is October 29, 1923 at 8:30 pm in Ankara, Turkey.  When viewing this horoscope, we can see exactly why such intense events have been triggered at this potent time.

Most notable is the transformative upheaval of the Cardinal Fixed Cross formed by the current Uranus-Pluto alignment.  Turkey has a 7 degree Cancer rising, but Pluto is also rising, just a few degrees away at 12 degrees.   The Ascendant and Pluto are exactly squared by Mars at 7 Libra, and Chiron at 16 Aries, forming a wide T-square to Mars and Pluto, portending possible violent eruptions if this aspect gets triggered – which is now taking place.

This third exact Uranus-Pluto square at 11 Aries to 11 Capricorn has now created a “perfect storm” in Turkey.  Transiting Pluto has been opposing the Ascendent for a few years and also squaring Mars.  As we know with Pluto-Mars aspects, there can be a volcano seething for many years, that only needs a sudden, sweeping spark to unleash the wrath of fire and the suppressed rage of this aspect.

Transits from Uranus, representer of youth, freedom movements, and even anarchic activities, can act as a volatile catalyst to any protest.  Because of the opposition to Mars and square to Pluto, use of extreme force by both protesters and police has been common, including tear gas.  Post-apocalyptic Plutonian images of gas masked protesters or plastic-wrapped faces blanket the web.

The deeper one researches the layers at the heart of Turkish politics, the more murky, dingy, and dark the shadow of the nation seems. The image of peaceful and nurturing Cancer rising is now unveiling that Pluto presence, also rising.  There is a lot more to Turkey than meets the eye

It would seem that given the waxing aspects from Uranus conjoining Turkey’s Chiron, and Pluto squaring the country’s Chiron, that Turkey is in a critical point of pivot as a nation.

With Saturn on Turkey’s Sun, we witness a major identity crisis for the nation.  This is a time of Saturnian gravity, a pressure to mature what the country stands for.  In a country’s chart the Sun specifically represents the leader of the country, who has been highlighted for his condescending statements about social media’s role, the youth themselves, and his conservative and unceasing (Saturn in Scorpio) application of totalitarian force with no compromise.

Most recently, the Prime Minister has impinged on the rights of citizens by outlawing certain public displays of affection and putting more restrictions on alcohol.

As we saw in the Boston bombings chart, a Chiron transit can also inflict a deep wound into the psyche of a nation.  With Chiron on Turkey’s Uranus and approaching the midheaven next year, we sense that these protests are an epiphanous wake-up call for a country whose citizens may still feel themselves victimized, misunderstood, or ostracized.  The next few years will be a big test for Turkey’s image as a nation of spiritual and artistic peacemakers, (Cancer rising, Pisces MC) or a nation wounded, divided, and harboring secrets (Chiron to the angle of career, and Pluto rising).

In the next newsletter, I will discuss the role of technology and the media in the protests, in light of Neptune’s transit through Pisces and the Uranus-Pluto square.

To learn more about the events, you can read and watch this BBC video, or this essay and others at Al Jazeera.

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