Sep 24 2013

The Colorado Floods: An Astrological Perspective, Part 1

As with the Boston bombings earlier this year, and due to the extreme intensity of the recent Colorado events, I once again considered the horoscopes for both the state of Colorado and the city of Boulder, the areas most affected in the state by the recent storms.


Grand Water Trine – Let the Floods Flow

The question I posed in my research is: Could a Grand Trine—as we had through the Summer of 2013—also mean a flowing ease of expression for the element in the physical form of natural disasters?

A Grand Trine always signifies an easily flowing expression of an element in an individual.  For instance, those with Grand Air Trines can exhibit intellectual genius.  Grand Water Trine individuals can be adept at healing, compassion, the imagination, and the arts.  But what about Grand Trines in a collective experience?

There are some possible correspondences for earth’s natural disasters and Grand Trines:

Air Trine – Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis

Water Trine – floods, tsunamis

Fire Trine – fires, droughts

Earth Trine – earthquakes

Although much research would have to be done to study catastrophes of climate and weather corresponding to Grand Trines, one of the assumptions would be that the chart of the Country, State, County, or City should be hit hard by the Grand Trine aspect in the sky, most notably by conjunctions.

Both the chart of Colorado and the chart for the city of Boulder reveal startling connections with the Grand Water Trine—trigger points that could help us understand the recent calamities.

It could be argued that the nature of a collective experience would really depend on the planets involved in the Grand Trine, e.g.  We could easily think that traditional malefics like Mars and Saturn together with threatening dark lord of death Pluto, could create a serious catastrophe, but in our current line-up of trined planets, we have the great benefic Jupiter with Saturn and Neptune.  This doesn’t initially sound like a formula for destruction.

Yet, the Grand Trine that many of us experienced as blissful moments of empathy, psychic openings, and imaginative downloads this summer was no longer close to exact during the recent floods.  However, an archetypal teacher who was much more involved in the trine is the healer—and wounder—Chiron.

As I discussed in my book Aquarius Dawns, Chiron can operate at multiple levels—from appearing as the wounded one to the one who wounds to the one who heals.  Chiron situations and aspects are delicate and require tender attention.  With my ruling planet conjunct Chiron, I know this through  life experience.

In my astrocartography and astrolocality research, I have witnessed that Chiron lines can be quite challenging—involving difficult illnesses, downward spirals of entrapped situations, confrontations with the soul, and identification as the victim.   Of course, Chiron is a mentor, a tough and stern teacher, so these lessons are necessary for an overblown ego or for the moments when gratitude has been forgotten in our lives.  Transits to or from Chiron can also bring innovative ways of working with energy and resources as Chiron consistently bridges the worlds between the known and the unknown.


Boulder Chart

The Grand Water Trine involving Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces would have directly impacted the life-blood of the city of Boulder’s chart.  Utilizing November 4, 1871 at 12:00pm for the chart, transiting Saturn is applying a quadruple conjunction, first to asteroid Pallas Athene (7 deg.), Sun (11 deg), Mercury (13 deg), and dwarf planet Ceres (15 deg). with both Jupiter in Cancer (15 deg) and Chiron in Pisces (10deg.) trining all these points.

In interpreting Saturn’s conjunction to the Sun, we find a serious evaluation of the life force of the city itself.  Saturn pounded his heavy foot down to completely stop the businesses and schools (Mercury) of the city, creating a crisis centered around Time—the importance of rescuing and evacuating people, and sandbagging homes became the crucial and dominant themes.

On the physical plane, roadways combine the energy of both Saturn, the infrastructure, and Mercury, the need to move and travel, and these roadways were either completely destroyed or serious travel delays (Saturn) were accrued in the region universally.  The inclusion of FEMA’s federal assistance also contributed to the Saturnian symbols of governmental institutional involvement.  Lastly, the clean-up has consisted of volunteers and victims shoveling wheelbarrows of mud for days on end.  Symbolically, what could be a more complete symbol of Saturn’s weighty workload in the raw, dark, detritus of muddy Scorpio?

If we integrate asteroid Pallas Athene, we see an acute sense of urgency in developing intelligent and efficient engineering strategies to navigate the evacuations and rescues.  Complex problems of organization and implementation of order also relate to Pallas Athene’s governmental impulse and can be found in the need to set up shelters and integrate different expert teams and task forces around the Boulder County area.

With Saturn to Ceres—goddess of the harvest, abundance, and belonging— the theme of dislocation from home becomes emphasized.  Ironically, the loss of individual physical homes opened many Boulderites to the larger Boulder County community of which they are a part, and now more interdependent upon.  The compassionate service, opening of friends’ homes, and gifts of food and clothing, weave together Ceres’ all-nurturing maternal aspects with Chiron’s healing potential and Jupiter’s sense of faith—with that faith most likely fluctuating throughout the long days of downpour, and tumultuous uncertainty.

Chiron in Pisces can inflict a deep wound to the collective psyche, and yet offer the empathy of a unified experience of suffering, while Jupiter in Cancer highlights the theme of basic needs—food, clothing, shelter.  In addition, Jupiter, acting as the great amplifier to Chiron’s wounding and healing, also exponentially expanded the Saturnian trials and tests to the identity, travel, business, and finance to the emergency levels which we all witnessed.


Grand Fire Trine – Drought and Fire

In studying the floods, one explanation for the unprecedented disaster is that much of Colorado and the Boulder County area has experienced ongoing drought for over a decade, and in recent years, fires have become more predominant and threatening. Fires remove vegetation that can slow down and trap rainfall.  Thus, fires in one year can lead to severe flooding in the next.

In the Summer of 2012, Uranus hovered exactly at Boulder’s Chiron, between 7 and 9 degrees of Aries.  This alone could trigger a lightning strike causing fires to erupt.  But 2012’s Flagstaff and Ironing Board Fires in Boulder County were likely caused by an even more startling configuration: another Grand Trine, this time in the fire element.

During these same summer months the North Node moved between 5 and 3 degrees of Sagittarius, activating a Grand Fire Trine energy specifically in Boulder’s Chart, involving the Moon and Uranus in early Leo and Chiron in Aries.

On top of this, a year earlier, in the Summer of 2011, Uranus, applying at 4 degrees of Aries to Chiron, trined the Moon and Uranus for the first time.  But more significantly, the June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse landed at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, creating Boulder’s Nodal Reversal (South node at 23 Sag.) and hitting the fiery warrior himself, Mars at 27 degrees Sagittarius.  In Boulder, the Maxwell fire spread over 60 acres just days after the eclipse.   If we look to a few months before this eclipse, on March 11,  a massive evacuation of 200 homes took place, due to a 200 acre wildfire in Boulder.  At this time, the North Node was within 1 degree of hitting Boulder’s Mars.  Simultaneously, Jupiter, expanding and amplifying whatever he touches, exactly hit that Chiron in Aries.  The trine to Boulder’s Moon and Uranus allowed the flames to grow to epic proportions.

In Part 2 of this study, I will look into Colorado’s chart to examine how the Grand Water and Fire trines may be facilitating some of the most transformational earth changes, as well as how these cataclysms can affect the people of a geographical region.

My prayers and blessings go out to all people affected by the recent floods.

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