Timemapping is a unique form of forecasting that specifies the most powerful initiations and opportunities in your life on a month by month basis, providing a a strategic plan for you to efficiently realize all the major areas of life, including career, travel, relationships, home, and time to rest.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of cycles. You’d better try to understand them, because all of your timing and often your luck is tied up in them.”

—Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca

Our Timemapping session together will answer the following questions:
    • What kinds of career and vocational paths will best support my natural gifts, talents, and energy make-up this year?
    • How can I find more time to balance my life?
    • What is a month-by-month trajectory for activating, realizing, and celebrating my ambitions and goals in career, family, relationships, travel, and creativity?
    • What kinds of strategies can I apply towards managing my financial resources?  What patterns exist with money for me? When should I expect the ebb and flow of finances?
    • When should I launch a product, project, or website?

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“Thanks for a very informative, empowering strategy session! I look forward to applying these insights and guidance!” – Shiloh Boss, Evolutionary Strategist