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My name is VerDarLuz and I am integral healer and shamanic artist. Much of my work focuses on Shamanic Astrology and the ability in all of us to fully embody all of the archetypes. When I visit cities, I like to offer a variety of teachings, musical, and dance experiences to local communities. The following is a list of my bio, workshop teachings, musical offerings, and testimonials of my work. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work and I hope we can learn, play, and share together soon.


Music Offerings:

DJ and Guitar Links;

Gemineye Ryze

Eclectic DJ sets, composed of Electro Soul, Swing House, Progressive House, Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep, Downtempo, Ethnic beats.


Guitar, Turkish Saz, and Shamanic Dance invocation

Sound Healing: ShamaniSonic Odysseys

In this deep listening circle, participants lay down with their heads in the center of a circle and listen to both live guitar journeys and electro-orchestral odysseys. We then process our experience silently thru drawing, painting, poetry, and dance. At the close, we share our journeys with the group.


Shamanic Astrology Workshops 2013:

Erotic Empowerment and the Zodiac Puja

Zodiac Yoga and AstroDance

AstroShamanism and Chakra Power Animal Dance

Evolutionary Parenting with Astrology and Human Design

Tantric Astrology: Aquarian Age Intimacy

Languages of the Aquarian Evolution: Shamanic Astrology and Human Design

Pisces Dreamtime: Shamanic Astrology and Tantra Yoga

Multidimensional Soul-Healing: Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanic Regression, and Rebirthing Breathwork

Sacred Geometry and Archetypal Astrology

AstroDrama and Planetary Rites of Passage


“VerDarLuz is more than an astrologer, he is a masterful artist in how he acquaints you with the nuances and intricacies of your soul’s chart, and brings you closer to your light and truth.  I recently had a partnership reading with my love.  We learned about individual needs and expressions, but also gained an in-depth spiritual understanding of the significance and meaning of our soul’s intertwined.  Just two months later, we were engaged.  This is the new and empowered version of “couples counseling!”
-J. Jessup & D. Schaner

“VerDarLuz weaves together the major aspects of astrology in such a skillful and interesting way that at last I’ve been able to make sense of and absorb the information.  Ver is a master teacher.  One may learn much about devotion to purpose by attending his classes and performances.  ’Impeccable’ in regard to both his planned presentations and improvisational performances readily comes to mind. “
– Mary Wheeler, Madison, WI